The owners of Snake River Firearms Instructors (SRFI) have formed a new company called Eagle Rock Gun School and Range (ERGSR), a firearms training school and public shooting range.  Beginning in May, all of the classes taught by SRFI will now be taught under the Eagle Rock Gun School and Range company.   Be assured, you will receive the same high quality training at Eagle Rock Gun School and Range as you did at SRFI because all SRFI NRA certified will be teaching for ERGSR.  Additionally, the public will now have a shooting range where they can practice their firearm skills for a nominal fee either by the hour or by purchasing an annual pass.  Please refer to our new website,, for more information and to register for firearms training courses.

SRFI thanks all of the our past students for their support, and we look forward to having you train under our Eagle Rock Gun School and Range company and utilize our public shooting range.