Handgun Self Defense I

Have your concealed weapons permit?  Great!

Now let us teach you how to protect yourself with life saving tactics and techniques in our series of Handgun Self Defense classes.

Sign up on line for our one day class on May 14th found in the left hand column.  By the way, bring 300 rounds of ammunition, you'll need it all.

The first couple hours covers handgun basics and self defense considerations when carrying a handgun.  Then you'll proceed to the shooting range where you will learn:

  • Marksmanship skills that will serve as a foundation for tactical shooting
  • Draw safely from a concealed strong side holster
  • Recognize a fix the 4 types of handgun malfunctions
  • Strong and weak hand shooting
  • Retention shooting (Close Quarter Defense)
  • Safely shooting from cover
  • Move and shoot scenarios
  • Accurate head and controlled pair Center-of-Mass chest shots

Targets are humanoid and color photos of aggressors

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The next one class is scheduled for May 14th at a cost of $75.

Select the listing shown in the left hand column and sign up today!